Our Amenities

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Our Sober Amenities

House Manager On-Site

Every home is equipped with a house manager 


12 Step Program

We offer 12 step program to help you stay on your sobriety journey.

Activities Program

Activities offered at every home by house managers depending on location.


WIFI available in every sober living home

Laundry Amenities

All of our recovery homes have their own washer and dryer available on site.

Kitchen Amenities

Full Kitchen available at every home.

Supportive Community

Supportive Community for all participants

Alumni Program

We offer alumni program for those who are ready to be part of VSL family


Valley Sober Living is a Life Saver

“When I went to Valley Sober Living I was down on my luck because of my addiction. When I finally realized I had a problem and was getting to the point to where I could no longer trust the people around me since some were doing the same thing, I had decided it was time to make a change. I went and met some truly inspirational people at Valley Sober Living and people who I know consider to be family now. The house-guest there were amazingly kind and helpful and I feel I learned a lot. I’m not perfect and I had some slip ups but thanks to Valley Sober Living I am now more than 2 years clean, and this is all thanks to Valley Sober Living.”

By Unanimous

Feeling Truly Blessed

“At age 16, I picked up an affinity for alcohol, always loving to be in the middle of the action or part of the party but thats what most teeangers do. But as I was getting older and working for a living, some of the jobs because of the industry I was working in at allowed my drinking to be more important. Initially, I tried to make some life changes by moving out of the environment I was in but unfortunately I realized that no matter where I went or tried to change I would always be around alcohol. It took me several years to take wanting to be sober more seriously. When I did finally reach that bridge I checked myself in and now 4 years later I am a clean sober responsible man and have a job that I love and it gives me the opportunity to help others who are in the same boat I was several years ago. I feel like I am truly blessed. Thanks Valley Sober Living.

By Jason H

Tough Love When I Needed It

“The Sober Living Recovery Homes is a place I’m glad I found and grateful they were there when I most needed them. Why? Because they have shown me tough love and compassion at the same time when I needed it. The people there has taught me to live on a day-to-day basis and that life will always have challenges but they make me understands that I am responsible for my actions. I really love this place. I highly recommend it for anyone who is ready for a change for the better. Love you guys.”

By Marcus L.

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