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Mourfield Recovery Home

The Mourfield, Is a large 14 bedroom sober complex is located in a quaint country rural setting, just N of “famed” French Camp and just East of Weston Ranch… Its’ another Co-ed Sober Living opportunity… and as in ALL our homes, it comes equipped with FREE Wifi, Cable and phone services…Reasonably close to abundant shopping (Weston Ranch) a 15 minute walk & bus lines a 5 minute walk and its another CAARR – Sober Living Network & NAARR certified SLE

Morada Recovery Home

Welcome to newest Sober Recovery Home, Its a 2 story home built in 2003. Close to many of the amenities such as Raley’s supermarket, Walmart Super centers, Mountain Mikes PizzaPanda Express, Subway Banks to name a few and The closest Coffee shop!! You guessed it Starbucks – Just a Block away!! AA/NA meetings: are reasonably close by..Along with nearby parks for your daily walks or family BBQ’s at Matt Equinoa Park Valverde Park and Misasi Park. This Valley Sober Living Home will be co-ed. Contact Valley Sober Living Today For more information if you or know someone who is in need today!!!

Lodi Recovery Home

The location is just west of Cherokee Ln – near Hwy 99 Our “Apartment-style units” offer on-site laundry and as always FREE wireless, cable TV and local or long distance phone service! The units are “separated” co-ed and operate under a family-style “safe and structured” environment. We are close to AA and NA meetings, bus lines and abundant shopping and dining! ..Additionally, Elm St is close (1/2 mile) to a very nice 24 hour fitness club / gym – we have (5) in-house informal ‘group’ therapy meetings for more support in staying “clean and sober”!!!

ANOTHER Lodi Recovery Home

is Now OPEN

We just opened another Lodi Recovery Home. Recently remodeled and taking admissions now. The location is close to everything like shopping, transportation, near Hwy 99 and downtown as well. jOur “Apartment-style units” offer on-site laundry and as always FREE wireless, cable TV and local or long distance phone service! The units are “separated” co-ed and operate under a family-style “safe and structured” environment. We are close to AA and NA meetings. We have in-house informal ‘group’ therapy meetings for more support in staying “clean and sober”!!! If you are interested Contact Us Today for More info and Details. 

Rivara Recovery Home

This Home is surrounded by attractive, well maintained upscale neighborhoods, about ¾ mile North of the Big “L” at Lincoln Center. A professionally run highly respectful ‘Co-ed’ SLE. Superb location – next to Bus lines and transit center, shopping and most importantly AA (literally, right across the street!!) Large yards for BBQs, outside House meetings, Basketball, weights ‘work out’ set and more

Female Only Recovery Homes

Victory Recovery Home

This Home is huge and near Pershing Avenue and offers many amenities close by. The home is an All female SLE. Located across the street from Victory Park, Stocktons premier community park!! and the Haggin Museum, Stocktons historical treasure palace. Did you know that Victory Park is known as a great  walking park, safe, community friendly and it is expansive enough to hold private gatherings, play softball, tennis, enjoy nature in abundance! 

Men Only Recovery Homes

American Recovery Home

Since June 2014, Valley Sober Living has managed The American House ‘Sober Home / Apartments’ in S. Central Stockton, located 1.5 Blocks N of Charter way / Martin Luther King…Since 1985), American is the “Oldest”continuing Sober complex in San Joaquin County…!!! VSL homes have main living room Large screen TVs, Comcast cable installed for TV’s in every Bedroom, Large Backyard for BBQ’s & group / House meetings…this apartment complex was Built in the 1930’s…thus retaining historical ‘period’ charm, yet modernized A/C & Heating and is close to “everything” eg walking distance (minutes) to shopping, bus lines & AA/NA & CMA meetings!! And as in all VSL homes, we offer (4) four – 24/7/365 on-site trained managers.

Madison North Recovery Home

 Madison House is located near Pacific & Harding. This spacious Victorian home has old world charm in a “vibrant” neighborhood close to bus lines, the Downtown, UOP & Delta College, the downtown marina, abundant shopping, restaurants & most importantly numerous “AA and NA” meetings!

Our home offers on-site washer/dryer and FREE Comcast wireless, cable TV and local & long distance phone calls. VSL Standards help you develop personal responsibility and self-esteem so important to your recovery! At VSL, a solid foundation for your Recovery is what you’ll find

Mt. Diablo Recovery Home

The Mt Diablo House…Is an attractive 2 story “Sober” home for men only – bordering a small convenience store shopping center and only a 10 minute walk to the neighborhood grocery store, fast food, etc – located 1 mile West of Victory Park (Stockton’s finest park, including The legendary Hagging Museum (Stockton’s Historical Museum), ¾ mile West of the Alano Club (housing 2 different AA meetings and 1 great NA meeting), ½ mile from the banks of the San Joaquin Delta River (great fishing or bird watching), ½ mile from Louis Park (famed Softball park) and the fabled Pixie Woods (An enchanted forest like paradise for children, since 1954).

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