Are You a Half-Way House?

Some folks refer to us that way, as we do provide a transitional residency between treatment or jail to the “real world”, thus ½ way is an analogy – but with definite differences and advantages such as we conduct 5 nightly (weekly) In-house recovery meetings, we highly recommended outside 12 Step meetings eg AA or NA or CMA….we have 3-5 onsite staff to assure the safety, security and positive recovery atmosphere missing in simple and so called ½ way houses…

How Much Does Residency Cost?

Sober living costs vary independently depending on location, level of structure, and other specific benefits and amenities offered by the program. For example, some sober living homes supply groceries and offer weekly drug testing, transportation to 12-Step meetings, and employment support—potentially resulting in higher costs than a sober living that does not offer added services. However, some sober living homes are more affordable than living independently, since rent is often split between many people.

Valley Sober Living offers a range of room and pricing options in an effort to meet the needs of diverse people. If you are interested in living at Valley Sober Living and you want to get a sense of what rent would cost for you, it is best to contact us directly so that we can discuss your specific needs. 

Is There Assistance Available?

We do not provide assistance; we expect and require the participant to have financial means to support their recovery.

Do You Accept Insurance?

The short answer is no — at least in the State of California. This is because California does not offer licensed certification for these types of facilities. This also applies to halfway houses or any type of sober living environment or facility. However, please contact us about your specific situation as changes in county programs, insurance happen from time to time. 

How Many People To A Room?

A 2 fold answer – We offer 2 person, 3 person and even 4 person rooms – relative to the home and bedroom size…they say “an addict or alcoholic” alone is in bad company and thus we embrace this principle wholeheartedly – thus shared recovery experiences (including bedroom mates) is our standard and #2 – shared bedrooms exists for economic reasons too, as operating Sober Homes at the rates we charge, requires multiple beds per room or it would simply be financially prohibitive

What If I Relapse?

Sadly or unfortunately – the beast or demon we face in ones addiction or alcoholism, can cause relapse now and then and yet if it occurs, we understand and depending on circumstances we will allow a return after at least a 24 – 48 hour period out and away from the residence, as we do impose a zero tolerance of using or drinking on the premises..!!  We do require a $100 relapse / return fee as part of the reinstitution process along with a deeper commitment to the recovery process!! Must pass an in house drug test as part of reinstatement.

Can I Have Visitors?

Yes, just as long as they are clean & sober and supervised!! We prefer they visit during the daytime hours only with a one hour limit, once or twice weekly is welcomed!

Do You Have Certifications In This State?

Yes we work with several leading National and State agencies – like, Sober Living Network and NARR…these certifications require compliance to strict Sober Living standards and annual inspections for continued certification.

Can I Work and or Go To School?

Absolutely, as we have always subscribed to the fact that we are here to support, never hinder one’s recovery and reclamation of their respective lives..!! We highly encourage productivity, whether it be work, school or volunteering.

What Do I Need To Bring?

The simple way to state this answer, is to bring enough clothes and things for a ‘season’ thus not over doing it as we do have space limitations..Your own bedding for a twin sized bed and toiletries is also suggested

Are Pets Allowed?

Unfortunately, due to others allergy concerns and the need to maintain safety and clean environments we must decline on the one

Are You Close To Public Transportation?

Always, we purposely locate our homes and or apartments with short walks to bus lines and shopping centers

What Medications Can I Be On?

Medications are allowed at VSL, yet with stipulations such as whatever your addictive drug of choice may be – the medication used – cannot be of the same … Also, we usually require the use of pills dispensers and daily dosings start out at 2-3 day intervals with the primary bottles held under manager watch, locked away, unless the participant has a successful and lengthy history of medication self dispensing…Medication Compliance is very important at all times during your stay at VSL.

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